Policy and Ethics

HJEP is published twice a year, excluding special issues.

Compliance with grammar rules in scientific studies is one of the most critical issues for HJEP.

HJEP adopts APA 6th Edition principles for citation and bibliography.

The scientific works should not be submitted to any other publication simultaneously, nor may they have been published elsewhere.

The publication language of HJEP is Turkish and English. The responsibility of the studies published in the journal in terms of science and language belongs to the author/authors.

In HJEP, only manuscripts prepared following the purpose, scope and writing principles determined by guidelines and principles are published.

Manuscripts must be submitted in MS Office Word program in .doc or .docx format.

Manuscripts submitted to HJEP are evaluated by the editorial board at the pre-check stage, and those who can contribute to the literature in their field in terms of their scientific content are allowed to proceed to the refereeing process.

Manuscripts whose evaluation process is completed are listed as of the date of acceptance. An acceptance e-mail is sent to the author/authors of the studies accepted for publication.

More than one manuscript of the same author in a volume is not published.

An author/authors cannot submit more than one manuscript in a calendar year.

No royalty payment is made to the author/authors for the studies published in the journal.

Academic works such as research articles, reviews, translations and book reviews are published in the journal.

A maximum of 20 (twenty) scientific studies are published in one issue of the journal. At most, 20% of the works published in a single issue consist of studies from within the Institution.

Arguments and responsibility regarding the studies published in the journal belong to the author/ authors.

If the studies submitted to the journal are supported by any institution or produced from the thesis, this should be stated on the first page of the article file containing the author information.

The author/authors are responsible for making all revisions requested by the referees. Studies are not published before the revisions are made satisfactorily.


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