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Referee Evaluation Process

Referee Policy

Hitit Journal of Economics and Politics uses a double-blind refereeing system in which the names of the independent referee/referees and author/authors are kept anonymous. All manuscripts submitted to the Journal and passed the editorial board's preliminary review proceed to the referee process. The details of the referee evaluation process are provided below:

Preliminary Assessment 

All studies submitted to the Journal are pre-evaluated by the Journal’s editorial board. Manuscripts that do not fall within the subfields of the Journal, do not comply with the specified scientific format, do not have an ethical report (if necessary), do not comply with the scientific writing principles of the Journal and do not have plagiarism/similarity reports are rejected or sent to the authors back for correction before the referee process is initiated. At this stage, no work can be accepted for publication by the editor or the editorial board.

Referee Evaluation 

Manuscripts that pass the pre-evaluation stage are sent to 2 (two) independent referees determined by the editorial board according to their content and the area of expertise. Referees evaluate the publications regarding authenticity, methodology, contribution to literature, analysis and interpretation of data, adequacy of findings and suggestions, citation method, etc. Referees can directly accept or reject publications or request corrections from the author/authors.  A manuscript has to receive a positive opinion from both referees to be published in the journal. In case of a positive and a negative decision from the referee reports; The editorial board may decline the manuscript in line with the reports or send it to a third referee.

In the case of referee / referees' request for correction, the author/authors complete the given corrections within 2 (two) weeks and resubmit the manuscript. Manuscripts that are not sent with corrections within the specified period will be removed from the evaluation process. Referees may request more than one correction for the same study. The work that is not accepted for publication is not returned to its authors. 

Final Assessment

The editorial board makes the final assessment for all works whose evaluation process has been completed by positive opinions from the referees. Accepted manuscripts by the editorial board are put in the order of publication.






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